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Partial Discharge Cable Testing--Don't Wait for Failure to Occur

Partial Discharge (PD) is a localized electrical breakdown in the dielectric material which does not bridge the dielectric between the conductor and the concentric neutral cable.  Partial Discharge can occur in voids, gaps and similar defects in medium and high voltage cables.  If allowed to continue, Partial Discharge will erode the insulation, usually forming a tree-shaped pattern of deterioration called an electrical tree, and eventually result in complete breakdown and failure of the cable or the cable accessory. 

partial discharge testing

We Can Design a Partial Discharge Testing & Monitoring Plan for You

  • One of our NETA-accredited, union technicians will conduct a Partial Discharge test and analysis to evaluate the condition of your medium voltage cable system.
  • Data collected can be compared to previous measurement values, allowing classification of the dielectric condition and pre-planning of repair and maintenance.
  • Repair and maintenance can be done by your preferred vendor or coordinated through our experience project management team.
  • Our professional engineering team can design a Partial Discharge monitoring system that best meets your needs.

Contact Us about Partial Discharge cable testing or our Partial Discharge testing services. 


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