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Transformer and Switchgear Testing Services

Reliable performance is essential for your electrical service. High Voltage Service provides the professional transformer and switchgear services you need to help keep your electrical power operating without interruption. We offer comprehensive transformer and switchgear testing to help prevent system failures. In emergency situations, High Voltage Service responds with prompt transformer and switchgear testing and repair services.

On-site at your facilities, or in our shop, High Voltage Service's NETA certified technicians will work to ensure the reliability and integrity of your electrical equipment.

Choosing High Voltage Service for transformer or switchgear testing and repairs can save you time and money. Don't defer or delay maintenance, contact High Voltage Service before another failure occurs.

Services include:

  • Cable testing
  • Doble power factor testing
  • Full electrical testing



When transformers fail, downtime can cost you more than just inconvenience. Downtime can cost you production dollars.


Regardless of the location or type, indoor or outdoor, basement or roof, oil filled or dry type, High Voltage Service will engineer the design and fit of the replacement transformer.

We will remove the old transformer, supply the replacement, and duplicate the electrical connections and dimensional characteristics safely and efficiently.

Choosing High Voltage Service for transformer replacement is your correct option, contact us today.

PCB Transformer Replacement

If you are in need of PCB transformer disposal or replacement, we can help you through our sister company - DYNEX Industries, Inc., visit


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