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Electrical Acceptance Testing and Commissioning

New equipment requires electrical acceptance testing and a thorough examination after being installed and wired into your environment. Insurance companies may require electrical acceptance testing before your new electrical equipment is energized to verify that it meets code requirements and satisfies the intent of the application.

According to electrical equipment manufacturers, up to 30% of new electrical equipment fails to operate properly due to mishandling, improper installation, construction debris and dust. Acceptance testing will protect the validity of your manufacturer's warranty through non-biased, independent testing and will set a benchmark by which future equipment testing can be compared.

The start-up of any electrical system is a unique occurrence and could expose some outstanding problems. Commissioning by qualified High Voltage Service professionals can verify proper operation and identify installation problems to assure total system performance.

Our engineers and technicians are trained to service a wide variety of brands, and follow specific processes and methods to verify that the equipment performs exactly as expected according to the International Electrical Testing Association, (NETA) 
and American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

For professional electrical acceptance testing, contact us.

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